OPPD’s New Green Service Center

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OPPD’s new Omaha Service Center is complete and has been built near Eppley Airfield in northeast Omaha. The center features a 1.2-kilowatt (kW) vertical-axis wind turbine and a 60-kW array of solar panels.

The center is expected to qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. LEED is an internationally recognized third party building-certification system that verifies a facility was designed and built to improve energy and water efficiency, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, improve indoor environmental quality, and demonstrate good stewardship of resources.

Among other green features, the center is to include:

• Recycled and local construction materials

• Windows designed to take full advantage of daylight for interior lighting

• Low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints and floor coverings

• White roof to reflect heat, reduce cooling costs

• Storm-water control and retention

• Water-efficient landscaping

• Low-water-use toilet fixtures

• Reserved parking for hybrid vehicles and capability for recharging plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicles

• Bicycle racks

Green Tips for Back-To-School

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Headed back to school? Consider these green tips, courtesy of National Geographic Kids.

We have to disagree with Kermit the Frog when he said, “It’s not easy being green.” Guess what? It is totally easy (sorry, Kermit!). Going back to school is an exciting time because everything’s new — teachers, fellow students, supplies. However, it’s not very green to buy a whole new package of markers when last year’s set works just fine. In addition to reusing old supplies, we’ve got a great list of ways to be as green as can be in the new school year.

  • Ride your bike or walk to school.
  • Use last year’s school supplies.
  • Buy a canvas and cardboard binders instead of plastic.
  • Buy recycled paper.
  • Use reusable water bottles instead of plastic.
  • Use a lunch box, not paper bags.
  • Donate last year’s clothes instead of throwing them away.
  • Buy online to avoid driving.
  • Buy organic food.
  • Turn your computer off when you’re not using it.
  • Decorate your lunchbox.
  • Make your own bookmarks.
  • Organize a clothes swap with your friends.
  • Carpool to sports.
  • Use refillable pens and pencils.
  • Reuse your backpack. Decorate it with cool patches.


Do you walk the walk?

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For some, being green is the politically correct thing to say.

Below is a checklist. So ask yourself. Do you really live

green?  If not, there are some really simple things you can

do to make a difference.

·         Do you recycle?

·         Do you use CFLs?

·         Do you keep your thermostat at 78 degrees or HIGHER in the summer ?

·         Do you keep your thermostat between 66-68 degrees or LOWER in winter?

·         Do you refrain from keeping another refrigerator in your garage?

·         Do you close your drapes during the day (in the summer)?

·         Do you weatherize before fall/winter (caulk, check windows/doors)?

·         Do you change your furnace filter quarterly?

·         Do you know that your water heater should be set between 120-140 degrees?

·         Have you ever had your insulation checked to make sure it’s at proper levels?

·         Have you enrolled in paperless billing with your utilities, banks and other service providers?


To enroll for paperless billing with OPPD, visit www.oppd.com.  Click on Pay Bill and then enroll in MyAccount.


Keep aiming green!


We’ll Pay YOU $35!

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That’s right! OPPD will haul away your old fridge for recycling and pay you $35. Fridges and freezers must be operable and between 10 to 32 cubic feet. There is a limit of two per customer and this is a limited time offer, so act today!  Just call 1-866-444-9160 today!

Consider this.

• Old refrigerators use up to four times more electricity than new ones.

• Retiring your old, inefficient 2nd refrigerator or freezer could save you $150 a year.

• We recycle 95% of the refrigerator materials. Even the foam is safely incinerated to generate electricity. The overall environmental benefit is equal to taking two cars off the road for one year.

This promotion is co-sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Environmental

Quality, Waste Reduction and Recycling Incentive Grants Program.

So let us haul that old, inefficient fridge for free AND pay you $35. 

THIS OFFER IS LIMITED - so call 1-866-444-9160 today!