Is Your Refrigerator Running?

By admin On August 3rd, 2010 in Uncategorized /

Well… forget about catching it and go ahead and unplug it and let OPPD give you $35 to haul it away.

The program starts today and will roundup nearly 1700 old but still running refigerators from customer’s homes in the OPPD service territory. For your fridge to comply, it needs to be sucking energy from the grid (working), and it must be a secondary unit.

Older refrigerators can use 3 or 4 times as much energy as a more recent EnergyStar model and cost you well over $100 a year to keep running. Damian Montez was the first customer to participate in the program today and he said his fridge, circa 1987, was costing him over $150 a year. Far too expensive and wasteful, just to keep some pop cold. Check out the video for more information from Damian as well as OPPD Vice President, Tim Burke.

Check out this page on to get more information on how to cut the cord on your fridge and get $35.