Beyond Power Drive

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When we think of Power Drive, quite a few things come to mind. Engineering, design, excitement, creativity, and of course going green. This year, the students at Bancroft-Rosalie took their program one step further and made a fun video about their car and their program. Check it out and see if you recognize the spoof.

Thanks again to all the participants and volunteers that make Power Drive possible!

Appliance Rebates Sweep Nebraska

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The Nebraska Appliance Rebates will be available beginning July 2010. Go to the Nebraska Energy Office website and register to be notified when the rebates will be available. Similar programs in other states have shown that these rebates will go fast! Get on the list now for the best chance at receiving your rebate!

Eligible products include air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, refrigerators, clothes washers, and dishwashers. Check out the link for specific model details and eligibility.

Power Drive Season Finale

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The video above highlights the Power Drive Championships, which took place Saturday, May 8th, at the Mid-America Motorplex in Pacific Junction, Iowa. You can view photos shot by the Omaha Camera Club at the event at

Bancroft-Rosalie High School (car # 20) won for overall performance in all events in the standard class, while Bancroft-Rosalie (# 21) took top honors in the advanced class.

In the exhibition class, Mid-Plains Community College (# 73) won the endurance rally, the only event slated for that class.

Overall performance in the standard and advanced classes is based on design, braking, maneuverability, endurance and written documentation.

Documentation Prize is a Snap
In a new twist this year, Snap-on Tools donated deluxe tool carts to Bancroft-Rosalie (car # 20) and Louisville High School (car # 48), which took first place in documentation in the standard and advanced classes, respectively. Each cart, valued at about $2,000, will be wrapped with the winning schools’ colors and mascot.

Congratulations to Derek Slama of Columbus Lakeview High School, who received the $1,000 Power Drive Scholarship, and to Brandon Nieman of Raymond Central High School, who won the $1,000 Paul High Scholarship.

Participating students submit nominations for these scholarships, which are awarded by a team of judges. The second scholarship is named in memory of the late Paul High, an OPPD employee who died in 2000. Paul’s commitment to Power Drive played a major role in making the program what it is today.

Standard Class Overall Results
1st: Bancroft-Rosalie (# 20)
2nd: Friend (# 13)
3rd: Elkhorn (# 45)

Advanced Class Overall Results
1st: Bancroft Rosalie (# 21)
2nd: Wayne HS (# 107)
3rd: Elkhorn (# 5)

Exhibition Class Endurance Rally
1st: Mid-Plains CC (# 73)
2nd: North Platte (# 16)
3rd (tie): Elkhorn (# 1)
3rd (tie): Raymond Central (# 118)

All-Class Awards
Best Pit Crew: Cedar Rapids Kennedy (# E30/E50)
Best Driving Team: Wayne HS (# A107)

Commuter Bicycling Challenge

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OPPD has several employees participating in Activate Omaha’s, Commuter Bicycling Challenge. One of the OPPD’s team captains, Rich Wilson, told us about the challenge and some of the benefits OPPD is offering to it’s employees who participate and log over 100 commuter miles during the summer.

If you run into, Rich Wilson, outside of OPPD, chances are his bicycle is within reach. Rich rides 11 miles to work every morning and spends his weekends riding up to and over 50 miles just for fun.

Join Rich and the rest of the Omaha bicycle commuters this summer in logging your commute at

Visualize Your Energy Consumption

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Check out this awesome interactive infographic created by GE so you can get a handle on how much energy you use at home.

It takes a little playing around with to figure out what everything is, but after a minute or two you start to make some really great realizations. Scroll over the bars near the top to see what options you have for viewing, we found the most revealing one to be how much each appliance costs in dollars over the course of 1 month and 1 year. Its also interesting to compare from state to state - check out what your grandma pays in Florida to keep her house cool!

The graphic doesn’t necessarly state what average use time they are running their numbers off of, so your data might vary, but it will give you a relative sense of where costs line up for you.

The Sun Shines on Creighton University

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Creighton told the media that they’ll be constructing the largest solar array in Nebraska on their campus as part of a new sustainability education program the school will be offering.

The $1.4 million project will also include several vertical wind turbines located across campus.

Creighton Campus

More details of the plan can be found on Creighton’s website in their press release, as well as comments from, senator Ben Nelson, representative Lee Terry, and university officials.