Green Expo comes to Omaha

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The Naturally Green Expo will be at the Civic Auditorium this Saturday and Sunday. It should be a great opportunity get the latest info on a number of green topics. Plus, free admission. Need I say more?

If you check it out, let us know what you think!

What do you do when…

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… your housemate isn’t as green as you?

It can be difficult, as if you’re constantly compensating for their shortfalls. Pulling cans out of the trash and dumping them into the recycle bin. Passive-agressively fighting over what the temperature should be set in the house. The list goes on and on, and no body wants to act like your roommate’s mom. Except for probably their mom.

If you really are having “green issues” with the people you live with, make sure to communicate. Set a suitable temperature for the house and make sure everyone sticks to it. Remind each other about turning off lights and closing doors. Encourage each other to live more efficiently and dont expect your cat to start being as green as you are.

Snap-on Tools Joins PD Supporters

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Students participating in the Nebraska Power Drive high school electric vehicle program have some additional incentive to invest time and effort in the documentation portion of the competition.  Snap-on Tools is offering a wrapped tool box similar to the one shown to the teams that win the overall documentation segment of the competition in the standard and advanced classifications.      

Snap-on Tools Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer Ben Brenton heard about the Power Drive program during a recent business trip to Nebraska.  It piqued his interest so he followed up by meeting with program organizers to learn more.  He liked what he heard and thought it was a great fit for Snap-on.

“We see a real need for skilled employees in the crafts and trades, and that kind of education needs to start at the high school level,” said Ben.  “Power Drive is doing a great job of educating students and encouraging them to develop skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.  We’re excited about this opportunity to show our support for their efforts.”

The tool boxes will be awarded to the winning schools at the Power Drive championships May 8.  Snap-on will later provide the winning schools with a customized wrap or sticker designed with their school colors/mascot that can be attached to the inside of the toolbox lid.  Each toolbox is worth about $2,000, so this represents a significant level of support for the program.

“Documentation is one of several areas judged in determining the overall Power Drive championships,” said Steve Anderson, Executive Director.  “We consider it to be one of the most important parts of the competition, so it’s worth a lot of points to schools if they do a good job.  Snap-on’s recognition of our winners will help emphasize that to all of our schools, and we appreciate the support of this international company.”

Power Drive is sponsored by the Omaha Public Power District and Nebraska Public Power District, with support of volunteers and other organizations across the state.


Here Comes The Sun

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Southern Cal solar panels

There is some pretty cool stuff going on with solar power today.  Read the attached article from USA Today about some of the things southern California and other states are doing to capture the power of the sun.

In Omaha, Creighton University is currently working with OPPD on a solar project of their own at various campus locations.

Paperless Billing Reminder

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We’ve talked about this before, and we’ll keep talking about it until everyone has done it.  Sign up for paperless billing, and pay bills online through your bank account!

It saves time, paper, and those dreaded rolls of stamps that continue to escalate in price.  Its another easy way to aim green, and save money!

Get started with OPPD’s paperless billing solution by going to and follow the insturctions found after clicking on PAY BILL in the upper right corner. You won’t regret it.

Remember, when you sign up for any company’s paperless billing solutions, make sure to tell them sent you. They probably won’t know what you’re talking about… but then you could send them here so they do!