More Winterizing Tips

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The cold weather is here to stay and if you still haven’t taken the steps to winterize your home, there is no time like the present! Take some time to look at these great weatherization techniques from The Daily Green which will save energy and money.

Tips include running your ceiling fans in reverse to circulate the warm air from the high points in your home, to turning your water heater down a few degrees, because no body likes being scalded while taking a shower.

Take some time over the weekend to make these changes in your home. You might even find you actually enjoy waking up for work Monday when your home doesn’t feel like a drafty igloo. Then again, maybe Mondays are just difficult no matter what.

Questioning the Thermostat

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I was asked an interesting question the other day…

“If I turn down the thermostat while I’m out of the house, doesn’t it take just as much energy or more to bring the heat back up to where it I want it when I return?”

I wasn’t sure of the answer, but then a similar question popped up in TreeHugger’s, Ask Pablo, blog post and I thought everyone might like to read the results and find out how you can save some energy.

Pablo Päster is a weekly columnist for, an experienced greenhouse gas engineer and the Senior Environmental Program Manager at Hara Software.

Energy Storage Solutions

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We love renewable energy. Wind power is one of our favorites. Just take a look at those turbines up close, they are impressive. Plus, they deliver clean energy anytime the wind kicks up. Awesome.

However, that is one problem noted by wind energy skeptics. They say, “we shouldn’t use wind turbines, they are useless when the wind stops!” Luckily, when everyone says no, all it takes is one person to say, “what if we tried this?”

Flywheel photo credit

And this is a flywheel. A simple machine that has been around for ages, supplying continuous power off of a short burst of power. It solves the issue of storing energy when the wind stops blowing.

Check out this article from for a brief history of the flywheel. They also give examples of how flywheels are currently being used to help store a continuous supply of energy from wind mill farms and other areas where energy, for now, remains unused. What will they think of remember next?

A Mighty Wind

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A new wind purchase agreement was approved by the OPPD Board of Directors yesterday. This means in the near future more of your energy will come from renewable resources.  Check out the official word from Chris Bywater, Project Manager of Sustainable Energy.

Check out the updated page on OPPD’s web site about renewable energy for more information.

11… Wait, 13 Reasons to Go Electric

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New technology always cost more. So when I have had discussions about full electric, hybrid or extended electric powered cars… a majority of people argue that they cost more. I don’t think that will always be the case, as electric powered vehicles permeate into society, basic economics tell us the cost will inevitably drop. So be on the look out for cheaper electric vehicles over the next few years, and consider that reason #1 why you should consider an electric vehicle option for your next purchase.

Gas 2.0, an alternative fuels blog, recently posted, 11 Practical Reasons to Buy an Electric Car.  Reasons include less maintenance, more stable “fuel” costs, and money savings. Check out the full list and consider my additional final reason. Electric cars are looking good!

Tesla Model-S


HALT, who goes there?

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‘HALT’ stands for, Home Air Leakage Test… we’ve talked about them before, you may remember a little video where there is a fear of all the air being sucked out of a house… well, now we’ve got the real deal and all the reasons to show no fear.

For more information or to schedule a HALT for your home, visit the AimGreen page on