Shooting your Christmas lights

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If you didn’t already know, you can get a free T-Shirt just by submitting a photo of your LED holiday lighting!

This weekend will be a big push to get those lights up, so check out how you can get a discount on your LED lights and check out this photography blog for some great tips on how to make the photos of your lights, shine!


Over the River and Through the Woods

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This Thanksgiving, many of us might inadvertantly be going green by staying at home. Although you may be missing out on visiting extended family, you can still celebrate the holiday by inviting your neighbors and close friends to your house for dinner. Its a great way to have a potluck and share some quality time with the people around you, some of whom you might not yet know that well. Plus, with all the extra people you won’t have to have a refigerator dedicated to leftovers.

If you must travel, there are still ways to have an eco-friendly Thanksgiving. If you drive, use less fuel and lower your emissions by making sure your car is in good working order and your tires are properly inflated. When was the last time you changed your air-filter or had a general tune up? Save the extra money you aren’t spending on gas toward a new electric vehicle!

If possible, carpool to reduce the amount of gas you use. What better way to celebrate the holidays then piling everyone into a van and playing a rousing game of slug-bug. Or the ABC Game, for those of us too immature to handle physical contact.

The Future is Now

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Green technology is our future, and our future is now. We can all take the small steps, like following the 3 ‘R’s by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling… but advancing technology will be what saves us energy and money on our electric bills.

We’ll do our best to keep you as up to date on information as we can. And we can always use your help in spreading the information. If you’ve seen something new that we haven’t, shoot us a link in the comments and tell us what new energy efficient technology you’re excited about.

Evil Plan to Save the World

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The U.S. Department of Energy held the worlds light bulbs hostage demanding an energy efficient consumer LED to replace the inefficient 60 watt incadescent bulb. Oh, and they are offering $10 million to the first company to come forward with it.

I’m not an expert on hostage situations, but I don’t think thats usually how a ransom is supposed to work.

Electronics giant, Phillips, came to the rescue with a new 10 watt LED bulb that will last at least 25 times as long as an incadescent. The $10 million dollar prize has not yet been awarded, but the new offering from Phillips looks promising. For full details on the light bulb and the prize, check out the story from TIME.

Phillips, LED bulb

Cheaper energy options are in our future, and we’ll keep sharing the news when we get it.

Robots vs. Vampires

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We’ve all seen movies where ’smart’ futuristic robots try to save humanity by enslaving us.

So logically, for future generations sake, we shouldn’t trust any ’smart’ technologies. Yet we blindly march ahead with our smart phones, smart cars and smart grids. Its only a matter of time before smart homes will have fully permeated our neighborhoods… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

However, this new Smart Plug looks like a great energy saving tool! This device allows you to network the outlets in your home and tell you how much energy your appliances are using. It even has a feature that will cut power to Energy Vampires, like televisions, that use power even when they are turned off. This type of technology will become more available over the next year or two and will help save you money on your energy bill.

So, in this battle of robots vs. vampires, I choose robots, because we have years to figure out how to thwart our enslavement. Vampires, are an issue today!



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A free presentation of FUEL the movie will be showing tonight at 6:00 in UNO’s CPAC’s building, located on the center of campus Southeast of the clock tower. Following the screening, a panel of local people who drive vehicles with alternative fuels will be present to talk about the movie. Their vehicles will also be available for viewing.

The panel includes:
Julie Conway - Hydrogen Hybrid, from Green FutureTechnology
Eric Williams - BioDiesel, president of the Omaha BioFuels Coop
Bill Moore - Electric Vehicle, editor of EV World
Robert Byrnes - Founder of the Nebrasksa Green Fuels Coopwho has vehicles that run on Hydrogen, Biofuels and seed oils

Get more information from the FUEL Event page and watch the trailer below.

Show us your LEDs

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Depending on your setup, you can really burn through some energy with your holiday lights display. We’d love to see you save some energy and use LED lights this year. We even found a place where you can send your old lights to be recycled, and get a 15 percent off coupon toward new LEDs!

If you show us your LED Holiday Lights display through our Holiday Lights tab, we’ll send you a free Aim Green T-shirt. Getting a free T-Shirt has never been so simple! Do act fast because we’re only going to send out shirts to the first 50!

If you have a more, interactive display, definitely take a video, we’ll post our favorites right here on!