Maverick Green

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Over the last year, the UNO campus has had a growing group of students helping to make a more sustainable campus. The facebook group has grown to nearly 400 members and is gaining steam on campus.

The group describes itself by saying, “UNO is dedicated to exploring ways of introducing sustainability to our campus. A task force was created for this purpose in the fall of 2008. Its goal is to assist the campus in using less energy and resources and to conserve energy in a realistic, cost effective manner.”

If you’re a UNO student, definitely check out what the group is up to and get involved. If you’re not a UNO student, many of the events they do are still open to the public. On Nov. 6, they will be showing the movie FUEL, and there is an upcoming educational weekend about Solar Energy on Nov. 14.

What other sustainable groups are there around Omaha? What are regular groups and organizations doing to be more sustainable? Talk to us about what you’ve seen in the comments!

Go Green. Get Audited.

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You should be audited. We all should be audited. An energy audit is the first step in helping you save energy, and money on your enery bill. We’re talking hundreds of dollars per year.

An energy audit can be relatively simple. You can do it yourself with the help of web-based resources like, Home Energy Saver. There are also a number of free checklists, like this one from Washington State University which offers suggestions for correcting problem areas you’ve found in your home.

If you don’t feel like these tests go far enough, you can actually get in-depth information, specific to your home by hiring a professional. Using a computerized blower door test, and an infrared camera, one of OPPD’s certified technicians can identify problem areas around your home and give you advice on correcting them.

For more information on a professional energy audit, you can call the OPPD Energy Advisor at 636-3850 (1-800-648-2658 outside the metro) or e-mail and ask about Home Air-Leakage Testing.

If you’ve been auditing your home, tell us what you’ve found and how much energy you’ve saved in the comments.


Energy Star Appliance Compliance

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I’m sure most of us have heard about Energy Star. It’s an eco-friendly rating given to everything from dishwashers to entire homes.

Builders and future home owners see the benefit in a more sustainable, energy-saving quality homes. Consumers appreciate that the new TV will lower their energy bill and be one of few consoling factors after watching an agonzing football game over the weekend.

Energy Star compliance is becoming the norm, and that means one more step you can easily make, or can continue to make on your new purchases, to aim green. In an effort to raise awareness for energy conservation, OPPD encourages its customers to participate in the Energy Star Pledge. Take a couple minutes to fill out the information and follow through with your pledge to save more energy throughout the year.

If you find yourself needing a little help finding the right appliances, the people of Georgia Power have gone out of their way to create an innovative task force of highly trained proffessional… well, we’ll just let the video speak for itself.


If houses had check engine lights…

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You’ve been slaving over a home cooked meal for hours and you’re just minutes away from wrapping things up. Wonderful smells waft throughout the house and you tell the kids to stop doing their homework to come enjoy dinner with the family. They eagerly come running to the kitchen to help set the table and make final preparations to serve the meal….

Ok, maybe you’ve really had to yell at them four times to turn off the video games, but eventually you get everyone in the kitchen to eat a meal you slaved over for hours… ok, maybe it’s Hot Pockets.

Anyway, everyone is starting into their second toasty pocket and you look over at the display on the wall and notice the digital electricity meter is moving up at an incredible rate. The kids have left the Xbox, big-screen-tv and all the lights on in the basement and you watch in horror as precious energy is being sucked away for no reason, and your energy bill rises in front of your eyes.

Unless your kids can quickly setup a wind turbine in the backyard, someone’s allowance is going to be docked.

Your house is actually telling you where and how much energy is being wasted. Sound too good to be true? Some experts say Energy Dashboards will become common in homes within the next year or two. They will be able to monitor how much electricity you are using and help you pinpoint exactly how you can live more efficiently throughout each month.

If you’ve ever driven a hybrid vehicle, it tells you how efficiently you are driving and it can almost become a contest with yourself to beat your best score and raise your vehicles efficiency. You lead foot becomes as light as a feather, you let off the gas sooner when arriving at a stop, you might even find yourself driving below the speed limit, and just like that you’re a safer driver.

The idea translates to your home. If you could see how much energy you were using, you’d find ways to use less, and keep your bill as low as possible and reduce your carbon footprint. Why is there so much energy being wasted downstairs? Maybe your kids forgot to turn off the lights when they left their homework… or more likely, the Xbox and TV.

Several companies, including OPPD are working on in home visual metering devices. Google has received quite a bit of press on their current internet based application, in this video some of the project engineers talk about their experiences using this simple software version on their homes.

According to information from this energy dashboard article on, just knowing how much energy you use each month, can reduce your consumption by 15 percent. The article also contains more information on how home energy dashboards will help make you more energy efficient in the future.


Have you bought your CFL multi-pack?

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Just wanted to remind everyone that you can get $3 off CFL bulbs. I know, I know, we keep pushing it, but this is a really awesome deal!

Look what I found in our twitter feed -

Picked up a pair of CFLs from Hy-Vee. With the OPPD coupon, the multi-pack was only 99 cents. I should be set for a year or 2

Get out there and save some energy. We did!

North High throws Aim Green a shout out!

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If you don’t remember, we had a video contest earlier this year called Project Greenflick. We challenged area high school students to produce short videos for Youtube about going green. We received tons of awesome entries.

Last week, WOWT, Channel 6, featured Omaha North in its high school cribs, and the students at North took the opportunity to show the community how their media class teamed up to produce the winning Greenflick video!

You can see the High School Cribs video and get a great look into Omaha North’s student programs at


Saving Energy at the Office

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These days, companies are finding creative ways to save money.

You might notice you’re working in the dark on a regular basis, the heat isn’t being turned on as temperatures drop, and a plethora of other operational mandates are going into effect in an effort to go green and cut some of the bills.

If you have trouble typing with gloves on, you might want to push your employer to consider some less-harsh alternatives. I hope you can do better than we did. You just never know how the boss is going to react.

Obviously, there are better ways to Aim Green at the office. The best part is if you present the right money saving, green ideas to your boss, you’ll look like a hero! Here’s a quick list of 10 Ways to Go Green at Work from the Sierra Club.

Let us know what your office is doing to Aim Green in the comments!


See the CFLs - See the Savings

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If you’ll click on the Green Deals tab, one of the things you’ll see is information about how to get $3 off multi-packs of energy-saving Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs) during the month of October.  Here’s a fast link to a lot of good information about CFLs from the EPA’s Energy Star website.  And, if you have more specific questions, you can always send them to us via