Everybody into the (Car) Pool

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Those young, hip and adorable (their words - nobody else’s) Green Brothers continue their ongoing discussions about being environmentally conscientious.  This time, the topic is car-pooling, where some swim in the “pool” and others just get their toes a little wet.  Click on the thumbnail below for their latest…

By the way, the Metro Area Planning Agency Rideshare car-pool program continues in Washington, Douglas and Sarpy counties in Nebraska, and Pottawatamie and Mills counties in Iowa.  For more information about finding a potential car-pool partner, pay a visit to the Rideshare website.

If you’re a member of the Rideshare program, or a regular car-pooler to work, tell us a little about why you do it and a little about your car-pool experience by leaving a comment to this post or sending us an e-mail.  If you respond by Sept. 1, we’ll send you a cool aimgreenomaha t-shirt.  Such a deal, eh?


Save Paper, Save Time, Save $

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This is one of those simple little things we can do to be a little greener in our everyday lives.  Paperless billing and bill payment is a great way to save paper, time and money (no stamp necessary), and the Omaha Public Power District is encouraging customers to take advantage of this three-way benefit.  It’s easy to sign up…click here, or go to www.oppd.com and click on the My Account tab at the top of the home page.  You’ll need your OPPD account number (it’s on your bill) and a personal e-mail address (of course).  Paperless billing and payment is fast, convenient, and resources-light.


Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Free T!

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They’re young, they’re hip, they’re adorable, and they have no idea how knock-knock jokes work.

Do you have a better green energy-related knock-knock joke? Post it under comments, or email it to us at aimgreenstuff@oppd.com. If we like it, maybe we’ll send you a free AimGreen T-shirt! Say whaaaaaaat?

GB II - The Truth is Out There

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Sometimes, all you need to make a conspiracy theory sound good is just a little bit of warped logic.  This video from the Green Brothers is a good case is point.

Now, the part about weatherization saving lots of money is right on.  The other stuff — well, when it comes to energy matters, the truth really is out there at www.aimgreenomaha.com.

BTW, here’s a deal for you — we’ll send a free aimgreenomaha.com t-shirt to the first 10 people who watch this video and send us a review via aimgreenstuff@oppd.com.  The catch — you have to send it by Thursday, August 13.  You can also post comments (right where it says, “comments”), and we hope you do, but you only have a chance at the t-shirt if you send your review.  Thanks, and keep an eye out for Green Brothers III.


AGO T Goes to YG Webmaster

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One of the problems with having limited headline space is sometimes you have to use a lot of abbreviations.  Just to be clear, AGO stands for aimgreenomaha; T stands for Tee, as in shirt; YG stands for YayGreen, which is a website similar to aimgreenomaha.com, which is run by the first winner of an AGO T.  Megan Shonka found the error in our first Green Brothers video (should that be GBV?) — the word hygiene was spelled wrong.  No big deal, but it was worth a free t-shirt for Megan.  You can visit her site at www.yaygreen.com, and come back to ours to catch the premier of the next Green Brothers video.  BTW (that means By the Way, right?), congratulations to Megan, and thanks for visiting aimgreenomaha.com.  Oh, one more BTW — you can also go to Aim Green at www.OPPD.com for more information on energy efficiency.