Are You Windy? At Home, We Mean?

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There’s a lot of interest in wind energy, and not just in building big wind farms — after all, not everyone has acres of land to work with.  More and more, people are wondering about installing small wind generators to power their homes or businesses.  There are a lot of considerations — cost, efficiency, zoning, and so forth — but the following links may help provide some information that helps:


Roundtable Discussion Aims Green

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OPPD will join other community and civic organizations in a citizens’ roundtable discussion on green initiatives Monday afternoon (June1).  The discussion is scheduled from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Durham Western Heritage Museum.  It’s all part of World Environment Day, a United Nations effort intended to promote awareness and action regarding issues associated with energy and the environment.

Members of the community are invited to attend to hear from newly elected city officials and representatives from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Green Omaha Coalition, the Omaha Public Power District and several other local organizations.

Omaha was selected as the North American host city for the World Environment Day 2009 celebration by the United Nations Environement Programme.

The meeting agenda is as follows:

I.              Omaha Green Initiatives – City Leaders will present brief overview of the green initiatives currently underway in the City.

A.    Steve Jensen – Director of City Planning - Omaha Environmental Element

B.    Connie Spellman – Executive Director - Omaha by Design

C.    Craig Moody – Young Professional’s Council –Chamber of Commerce– Earth Day Omaha-

D.    Daniel Lawse- Green Omaha Coalition, Metro Community College, Morton Meadows

E.    Tim Hemsath – University of Nebraska Lincoln , Nebraska Sustainable Leadership Workshop, USGBC Flatwater Chapter, Lincoln Green by Design

F.    Andrew Jameton-UNMC Center College for Public Health

G.    Denise Kuehn - Manager-Demand Side and Sustainable Management

Omaha Public Power District 

II.             Roundtable Discussion with Mayor Elect and City Council Elect


Winners Get What They Had Coming-$

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We already announced the Project GreenFlick winners awhile ago, but today we took care of the last item of related business — we delivered the prize money.  For those who may not remember, high school students were challenged to produce videos with an energy or environmental theme, and hold them to under two minutes.  Seventeen entries were received. 

The first and third place entries came from Therese Laux’s Media and Technology class at Omaha North High Magnet School, so to celebrate their success students arranged a special awards program Friday morning (May 15). 

Parents, classmates and school officials joined to watch representatives from the Omaha Public Power District present checks to the videomakers and the school (they split the awards).

Third place ($125 for the students and $125 to the school) went the the video RecycleOPPD Vice President Tim Burke presented the check to the Recycle production team of Kaleigh Davis, Laura Salkeld and Hannah Zabka.

First place went to Bad Energy Karma, and the team of Elleen “Karma” Poore, Nick Brown and Cameron Dygert picked up a check for $1,000 (again, split evenly between them and the school).

Second place went to an animated video, Typographical Error, produced by brother and sister John and Ellen Fleuhr of St. Thomas Acquinas Home School.

Our thanks to all the participants for your creativity and your enthusiasm, and thanks to our ad agency, SKAR, for all their efforts to help put this thing together.  GreenFlick will be back.

You can view all the entries at


Green Spots Before Your Eyes

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Funny TV commercials are great, but they’re not always effective.  Here are a couple of spots that we thought were both entertaining and informational.  Hope you enjoye them.



Just for grins, we put together a handful of ”Bad Energy Tips.”  They’re funny.  Some are, anyway.  Well, you decide for yourself, okay?

Tip One

Tip Two

Tip Three

Tip Four

Tip Five

Tip Six 


So, What Works for YOU?

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You can find a lot of different energy-saving tips in a lot of different places, and they’re all good ones.  They cover the gamut, from making sure you turn off lights and appliances, to jumping into weatherization and insulation projects.  So, our question is this:  what are you doing to control energy use in your home or business, and what kind of results are you seeing?  If you’re so inclined, share your ideas and experiences with others by commenting on this post.  If we get some good ones, we may even ask you to put together a “how-to” video for our site. 


E-Star Pledge — Earth Day to Earth Day

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Just a little explanation — you seen the link for the Energy Star Pledge elsewhere on, or on  You may be thinking, “Been there, done that.”  And you may have, last year, anyway.  But, officially, the Energy Star Pledge runs from Earth Day to Earth Day, so if you haven’t re-upped, now’s the time.  It really is a good way to show commitment when it comes to being smart about energy.


Bancroft-Rosalie Sweeps PD Top Spots

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Bancroft-Rosalie High School took first place overall in both standard and advanced classes in the 11th Annual Power Drive Nebraska State Championships held this past weekend at the Mid-America Motorplex in Pacific Junction, Iowa.  A total of 1200 points were at stake in both classes, with teams competing in such categories as Design/Construction, Documentation, Braking, Maneuverability and Endurance.  The BR teams for cars S20 and A 21 won the Design/Construction and Documentation categories, while both cars finished third in their respective Endurance events.

The top five finishers in the overall competition were as follows:


1)  Bancroft Rosalie  A21

2)  Friend  A13

3)  Raymond Central  A57

4)  Columbus Lakeview  A104

5)  Johnson Brock  A12


1)  Bancroft Rosalie  S20

2)  Wayne  S107

3)  Elkhorn  S5

4)  Columbus Lakeview  S18

5)  Litchfield  S89

In Power Drive, students design and construct one-person electric vehicles.  The program tests a variety of critical skills in math, engineering, physics, craftwork and other areas.  Co-sponsored by the Omaha Public Power District and the Nebraska Public Power District, the the goal of the program is to promote interest in such areas as automotive, energy and craft-related careers. 

A handful of schools and a dozen vehicles competed in the first competitions in 1998.  This year’s program included about 60 schools and hundreds of students, a 60 cars competed in the championship event.

A complete list of results in all categories of championship competition will be placed on and OPPD’s website at