GreenFlick Videos Viewable Now

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We’ve received several Project GreenFlick entries and you can see them right here right now.  You can get there through the Project GreenFlick tab on this homepage, or go directly to  It’s amazing what a little creativity (and the desire to win some money) can produce!  We’ll be announcing the winners on this site on April 17, and we’ll the videos around for awhile after that.  Our thanks to everyone who took the time to produce and submit these works of art for our viewing enjoyment.  Good work, all of you.


OPPD Makes Plug for Hybrid

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OPPD recently had one of its gas/electric hybrid vehicles converted to a plug-in type, which can be plugged in to a standard outlet for recharging.  On Monday of this week (March 23), two employees received the second of two days of hands-on training on performing such conversions in-house. 

OPPD will be the first utility in the region to do plug-in conversions, and it will be the first in the state to have any – much less two – plug-in hybrids.  Othe goal is to see how well the plug-in technology works in our often-cold climate and, of course, to become increasingly fuel efficient.  OPPD currently has 18 hybrid vehicles in its fleet, including the state’s first hybrid aerial basket truck.  OPPD is also a major user of bio-diesel in its fleet of service vehicles.

OPPD has a long history of involvement in electric vehicle technology.  In fact, the Power Drive program launched by OPPD in 1998, begins its 2009 rally season this weekend with events Saturday at Hastings and Sunday in Lincoln.  For the uninitiated, Power Drive is an electric vehicle competition involving high school and some college-level students from across Nebraska and Iowa.  It’s co-sponsored by Nebraska Public Power District and affiliated with the national Electrathon organization. 

In fact, it’s the largest program of its kind in the nation, and that’s a great credit to all of the students, teachers and utility personnel involved in making the program work.  It’s well worth the time to attend one of the events and see what’s going on.  For more information about Power Drive, click here or on the link at the top of the page.


Tree Planting Aps Deadline is Mar. 27

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If you’re interested in applying for an OPPD Tree Planting Sponsorship, you still have a little time…but not much.  OPPD is again offering tree-planting sponsorships to non-profit organizations within our service area.  Projects should be directed at beautification, education about planting the right trees in the right places (e.g., don’t put them too close to power lines) and improving energy-efficiency.  To be eligible, organizations must apply by March 27.  For complete requirements and an application form, click here.  Remember, trees are good.  They look nice, they help clean the air, they help save energy. 

Arboretum Open to Public

If you want to learn more about trees and tree planting up close and personal, visit the OPPD Arboretum.  It’s a great green oasis in the city — walking paths, educational information, good scenery, and a nice place to go on a balmy day.  Click here for more information. 


Green Bucks for Green Flicks!

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Maybe you’re the next Steven Spielberg or George Lucas.  Or maybe just the next George Spielberg or Steven Lucas.  It doesn’t matter — you have a chance to win some green for making a video about being green with Project GreenFlick.  But time is running out — you only have until Friday, March 27, to enter.  You can find complete rules under the Project GreenFlick tab on this site, so crank up your camcorder, cellphone, camera, or whatever — it could be worth up to $500 to you and another $500 for your school.


Electronics Recycling Increases

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There’s a lot of electronic “junk” out there right now — old computers and monitors, televisions, VCRs, and so forth.  In an effort to keep all that stuff from winding up in landfills, many local and national businesses are expanding their electronics recycling programs — in fact, more than 66.5 million pounds of used electronics were recycled in 2008 nationwide. The Environmental Protection Agency has put together a list of partner companies that have committed to collecting, reusing or recycling old electronics. Many of those companies have stores in the Omaha area.  Click here to see that list.
Below is a list of other local companies that recycle electronics.