Rock a Cause!

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There will be a benefit concert for the Nebraska Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at Burke High School Auditorium on March 6th @ 7:00 pm. The benefit is sponsored by the Burke Human Service Academy.

Why is this of importance to Well, because in between the featured bands, there will be discussion about Project GreenFlick encouraging the many high schoolers from around the Omaha metro area to submit their videos for the contest where they could win $500.

So, if you’re looking for something fun to do that Friday night, stop by Burke High School and Rock a Cause (don’t forget to mention Project GreenFlick while you’re there!).

Solar Cents

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The sun is a hot topic these days, with a lot of discussion revolving harnessing solar energy and how much it may cost to do that.  Here’s a link to a website with a calculator that may give you a general idea about the kind of investment you’d need to make to go solar, and how fast it could pay off.  It’s interesting and worth a look.


Serious About Saving Energy?

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There are a lot of things we can do to save energy, and most of us have really good intentions when it comes to being energy smart.  So, if you’re solid on the subject, think about taking the Energy Star Pledge.  It’s easy, nobody will be checking up on you, and you can get tips to help your energy-saving efforts.


3Tier Energy Maps

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Here’s an interesting video (from on 3Tier, a company from Seattle, who is putting together maps of the world’s renewable energy hotspots and allowing you the site visitor to see if your hometown is one of them. cannot vouch for the validity of these maps, nor does this site endorse 3Tier’s research and opinions.  We just wanted to make you aware because we thought it was an interesting concept.  So, without further ado…


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One look at this product and you’re probably thinking, “Great…just what I need. Another space hog on my already crowded desk.” Well, it may take up (a little) space, but it more than makes up for it by saving you energy and money.

Ecobutton seems to be a little piece of heaven sent from the Green Gods.  Although, we at do not endorse products (we’re merely here to inform and entertain), this may be something you may want to check out.

According to this particular Web site, some of its features include:

  • The Ecobutton plugs into any PC’s USB port
  • At the push of a button, the ecobutton automatically puts your computer into a special “ecomode” that saves more energy than normal sleep mode, drawing only the same nominal power as when the computer and monitor are completely shut down
  • Save energy while taking a phone call or break, while doing paperwork or going to lunch or meetings
  • At the touch of any button, the computer instantly returns to where you left off and displays a splash screen showing both money and carbon (CO2) savings
  • Your company logo, message and weblink can be incorporated into the ecobutton splash screen
  • Reduces company energy output and carbon footprint
  • WattBusters

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    As you may know from browsing throughout, we are sponsoring a student video contest that we have dubbed Project GreenFlick.  For more details, read this.  Otherwise, check out this video which was submitted to the Kentucky Green Team video festival, a similar contest held in Kentucky in 2008.