Wind Energy Sets Record

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There was an article on the Green Energy News site that discussed how wind energy grew by a record of more than 8,300 MW in 2008 according to the American Wind Energy Association.

According to the article the growth, “in 2008 swelled the nation’s total wind power generating capacity by 50 percent and channeled an investment of some $17 billion into the economy, positioning wind power as one of the leading sources of new power generation in the country today…”

So not only does wind energy provide an alternative resource for power, it is also proving to help stimulate our economy by creating jobs (an additional 35,000 nationwide according to the article) and putting money into the pockets of Americans and the businesses in communities where they live.

Renewables to Provide Future Power

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OPPD has just announced plans for a major increase in its use of renewables for making electricity.  Click here to find out more.  Come back to and tell us what you think, either by commenting on this post or by going to the Forum.  Thanks!


Best CFL Bulbs

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There was a post by Lori Bongiorno on Yahoo! Green today that discussed a recent report by Environmental Working Group and listed the best CFL bulbs.

As Bongiorno says, “The following bulbs have the lowest mercury levels on the market, are highly energy efficient, and last a long time:”

While this website (AGO) doesn’t endorse any particular bulb, we do encourage you to conserve energy and save some money by replacing all existing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

For more (fun) tips, please see Save Some Watts.


You’ve Got Great Aim!

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Hey, you’ve made it to, and we’re glad you did. Who are we and why did we start Well, there are a lot of websites that talk about energy, but we wanted a site that’s informative and entertaining, and that gives you a chance to give us your ideas and share what you’re doing to aim green. If you have anything like that, just go the Aim Green forum at the side of this page and let ‘er rip, or send us an e-mail at

To be upfront, we’re OPPD people, and like just about everyone else we know, we’re people who want the lights to go on when we throw the switch, and who want clean air, water, etc., too.

We hope you visit often – we want to make this site just as much yours as ours.