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City of Omaha People..

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  • Started 2 months ago by Sensible Guy
  1. Sensible Guy

    Since the City of Omaha's budget (like everyone else's) is always over, how about switching to florecent street-lights and L.E.D. traffic lights, similar to what most of us taxpayers have? I'm sure it would pay for itself in energy savings if all new construction and a few % of existing lighting was converted. Correct me if I'm wrong here but i belive that each street light houses a 250 watt high-pressure sodium bulb, = to a 65 watt flourecent for the same light output! L.E.D.'s consume even less energy than florecent! Might also help drive the cost of L.E.D.'s,down. Then maby we don't have to cut taxpayer services..........

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