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cheap ray banRalston's newly acquired serenity VJqq

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  1. Ralston's newly acquired serenity, the depth of which he had reason to doubt ray ban outlet, was further disturbed by a distant clatter of hoofs. He sat up and watched the oncoming of the angriest-looking Indian that ever quirted a cayuse over a reservation. It was Bear Chief, whom he knew slightly. Seeing Ralston's saddled horse, the Indian pulled up a little cheap ray ban, which was as well, since the white man was immediately in his path.
    As the Indian came back, Ralston cheap ray ban sunglasses, who had rolled over to let him pass, remarked dryly:
    "The country is getting so crowded, it's hardly safe for a man to sit around like this. What's the excitement, Bear Chief?"
    "Horse-thief steal Indian horses ray ban outlet store!" he cried, pointing toward the Bad Lands.
    Ralston was instantly alert.
    "Him ridin' my race-pony--fastest pony on de reservation. Got big bunch. Runnin' 'em off!"
    Fast moving specks that rose and fell among the hills of the Bad Lands bore out the Indian's words.
    "Did you see him?"
    Ralston was slipping the bit back in his horse's mouth and tightening the cinch.
    "Yas, I see him. Long way off, but I see him."
    "Did you know him?"
    "Yas, I know him."

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