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  1. *$ "Not a bit; it's often done," said Pip. "What shall we play for?"
    "We shall play for love."
    "Love? Right!"
    There was an awkward pause. Technical terms lead one into such pitfalls. Elsie felt herself beginning to turn pink. Pip, who might have smoothed the situation over, made it worse by saying,--
    "So it's to be a love-match?"
    There was no mistaking Elsie's colour now. A blush ran flaming over her face in a great scarlet wave. But Pip proceeded quite calmly louis vuitton online,--
    "That's just what I want it to be. I'm glad you said that, though of course you didn't mean it in that way. You are a good golfer. On your day you can get round in, say ray ban sunglasses outlet, ninety. I am a rotter. I have only twice got round under a hundred. If I play you level to-morrow and beat you discount louis vuitton handbags The Benham private car had c, will you--marry me?"
    "Pip louis vuitton outlet online nécessaires aux répu!"
    Elsie was sincere enough now. She was genuinely astounded. She knew Pip for a man of blunt speech and direct methods louis vuitton outlet, but she had hardly been prepared for this. She merely turned from red to white, and repeated her astonished cry,--
    Pip continued, quite coolly now enaaacombined_4129,--
    "Yes ray ban sunglasses Moreover FHlv, I mean it. I have been in love with you from the first moment I saw you enaaacombined_4129, the afternoon that I took you to the Blanes' garden-party. You remember?" The girl nodded gravely. "I was bowled over then, and I've worshipped you ever since. I suppose you knew that? Women are always said to know these things. Did you know?"

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